Instatrade is a group of young, dynamic, multi-cultural professionals offering unique, innovative international business and marketing solutions based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs, focusing on development to earn and maintain our clients’ trust and confidence.

Instatrade Group has developed its approach to organization Trade and Investment missions and meets that maximizes the productivity of the participants in terms of the useful and relevant contacts during the mission and ultimately to the satisfaction of the Client. In difference to standard approach to Trade and Investment Missions, our service puts emphasis mainly on B2B meetings.

Instatrade Group has developed step-by-step approach to planning Trade and Investment meets. We undertake carefully pre-planned steps to ensure success for each of them. We initially plan and research on the clients to understand their requirements, we then approach suitable local companies, profile and match them with the foreign delegates and then plan the actual meet and supervise the entire process. At the end we survey the participants and evaluate the results. Benefits of B2B meetings are maximized when we thoroughly understand what the clients expect.

From idea creation and programme development to marketing, sales and event management, there are lots of opportunities for companies that are looking at tapping the East Africa market.