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$27 million Magufuli Bridge to connect Tanzanians


President John Pombe Magufuli is a prominent and influential leader in East Africa, arguably to be remembered by citizens of Tanzania as an iconic figure that has made a significant impact in the formerly known Tanganyika country. Just like most iconic, role models who have been honored by great sculptures, President Magufuli will be remembered in a similar way, in a productive way.

He inaugurated the probably newest bridge in the country, dubbed after him. The Magufuli Bridge cost around $27 million and will connect a number of regions in the country to improve the production of villages, towns and cities. The transport system is a two-way bridge that will limit traffic snarl up and ensure effectiveness and efficiency in transportation of both goods and people. Infrastructure has notably delayed service and goods delivery in major towns and has been a significant hindrance to the growth of such places.

Investors have also shied off from implementing their plans in areas with poor infrastructure as it would increase the operations cost and has led them to squeeze for spaces in developed towns. This effect has brought an imbalance in the growth of towns and villages depriving other locations of much benefits.

The bridge is able to last for 120 years, due to its durability and quality. Undoubtedly, the President’s legacy would be remembered for more than his regime with a significant infrastructure development in the country. This would go down the history as a channel to connect the country’s regions together with the businesses.

The bridge is under the proposed infrastructure development plan of the country which the Government is seeking to implement on a five year program. With other transport networks to be constructed, the country could see the reduction of congestion and effectiveness in the ease of doing business.